October 2019!

The last few weeks our Brisbane classes have been enjoying lots of sensory activities. The younger rooms have been learning to name their body parts and we have played ‘Doctors’ with some play doctors equipment. Children pointed to where the problem was, ‘atama’ or ‘Onaka’ or ‘hiza’ and the doctor checked and fixed it! This was really fun and the children engaged in the activity picking up on verbal clues in Japanese and repeating words that seemed appropriate!

The older children have been engaging in parachute activities. This is always REALLY enjoyable, and requires cooperation, listening really carefully to instructions and following them explicitly as a group. It’s a superb language learning opportunity! Over the years I have noticed that the ability to focus without distraction on the verbal instructions of an ‘expert’ (teacher, educator, coach, tour guide, lecturer) is a real contributor to successful learning and parachute activities practice this skill.

The boys and girls just thought they were having a great time! They didn’t know they were building skills!