It’s here! KKClub Online!!!


What is KKClub Online?

KKClub Online brings our fabulous Japanese for Kids Program into your home. Every week you’ll receive access to a new Online Japanese Experience that your child can watch and experience again and again. Your child will have so much fun engaging in Japanese through song, games, stories, craft and other fun activities.


There are 2 payment options
$8.60 p/wk or $9.60 p/wk, billed monthly
You will receive your first class within a week of setting up your account.
You can cancel future payments at any time easily by sending a message to or using a contact button on our website.

Who is it for?

Our program has been running for more than 8 years successfully in Early Learning Centres in Australia with students as young as a few months old and up to 6 years. We think slightly older girls and boys will love it too! Mums and Dads… you can join in the fun too!
Learn @ Home with Konnichiwa Kids Club
Here’s a little glimpse at what you can expect in KKClub…

Online Japanese Classes for Kids Coming Soon!

If you want to have the Konnichiwa Kids Club experience at home, on an iPad, laptop or smart phone…. SOON YOU CAN! To be the first to know when these become live click on the below link and sign up to this exclusive mailing list. And STAY TUNED! (ps you may want to check your ‘Promotions’ folder if an email from Konnichiwa Kids Club doesn’t arrive straight away!)

What is hiding here?  何ですか?

Why Japanese for Kids is so beneficial! A centre in Brisbane running the Konnichiwa Kids Club program tells us why they do!

Check out what Little Scholars in Brisbane have to say about the benefits of running our program! We run Japanese classes in a number of childcare centres in Brisbane, Noosa and Mackay. And these are some of the reasons why we do!

October 2019!

The last few weeks our Brisbane classes have been enjoying lots of sensory activities. The younger rooms have been learning to name their body parts and we have played ‘Doctors’ with some play doctors equipment. Children pointed to where the problem was, ‘atama’ or ‘Onaka’ or ‘hiza’ and the doctor checked and fixed it! This was really fun and the children engaged in the activity picking up on verbal clues in Japanese and repeating words that seemed appropriate!

The older children have been engaging in parachute activities. This is always REALLY enjoyable, and requires cooperation, listening really carefully to instructions and following them explicitly as a group. It’s a superb language learning opportunity! Over the years I have noticed that the ability to focus without distraction on the verbal instructions of an ‘expert’ (teacher, educator, coach, tour guide, lecturer) is a real contributor to successful learning and parachute activities practice this skill.

The boys and girls just thought they were having a great time! They didn’t know they were building skills!

2017 Classes Starting Soon!

Sign-up Posters are up in your centre!


I know that you haven’t heard of us! Some of the other extracurriculars are FAB and have been around for a while. You know them. You feel safe! You’re not sure about Japanese for kids that little. We’re pretty new.

Enrol your child today! Support a new, local business! Support World Peace! We want children to receive the best chances to become successful, innovative adults.

You won’t regret it! Your kids will love it!

Konnichiwa Kids Club believe that world peace is possible! We believe in the kids of the world! We believe that growing up with pride in oneself and understanding, appreciation  and admiration for others helps our boys and girls see their places not just in local communities but in a global community that they love and wish to care for! We believe in the power of engaging in culture, in rich experiences in fun and joyfulness! These beliefs underpin all that we do.



Konnichiwa Kids Club: Japanese for Kids End of Term!

Class Dates

Brisbane classes will run until the week that begins Monday, December Dec 12th. I hope you all have exciting Christmas holiday plans!

Children will be receiving certificates and having a photo taken in class wearing a cotton kimono (if media permission has been granted) in the second last class. Look out for those photos coming to you mums and dads via email!

It’s been a lovely year working with your boys and girls! They are all doing SO WELL!

Good luck to the boys and girls who are graduating and moving on to Prep. And those continuing next year… YAHOO! Another year of Japanese coming up!

Konnichiwa Kids Club will resume in January 2017.

Konnichiwa Kids Club – We love Japanese for Kids!


Don’t forget to stay up to date with Konnichiwa Kids Club class and doings on our Facebook page.




Kids Workshops

This year Konnichiwa Kids Club will be running ‘Tanabata: Wish Upon a Star’ workshops at the Caloundra Music Festival in the Funky Forrest kids space. Bring your boys and girls along (or come yourself) to hear the story of Tanabata and write your name in Japanese Calligraphy on a colourful paper with your wish! Help decorate the bamboo branches with origami.

We love languages for kids! We love sharing culture!

Coopers Plains CCC and Holland Park Creche & Family Centre Free Trial!

Trial classes today were amazing… check out my report. And sign up your kids! They were amazing!


Colours Songlist

Smarter Kids On George in the city have been enjoying learning the names of all the colours and answering ‘… wa nani iro?’ and telling what colour things are! Mums and dads, you can practice these colour songs at home!

Origami Workshop In Noosa with Miho Sensei This Sunday

Jump on our Facebook page to check out the details. Miho Sensei will be at Sunspace Cafe on Sunday holding a workshop. Maybe you can make a present for your dad.