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WOW what a fantastic program. Konnichiwa Kids has given my youngest daughter such a wonderful start to her learning life and to have started a second language of Japanese at such a young age I couldn’t believe how much she was taking in. Gai is a wonderful and beautiful lady who is just fantastic with all the children. Her passion to pass on her knowledge and to teach the children all about the Japanese Culture is incredible. She brings energy, positivity and excitement to teaching.

The enjoyment these children have at each lesson is brought home to teach the whole family and with nearly 12months out the program (as my child has moved onto school) we continue to hear the songs and will continue to practice the language at home through the Konnichiwa DVD / take home kit. I have great thanks to Gai for giving our little one a taste of Japan.

Kylie Renton

‘The Konnichiwa Kids Club curriculum has been operating at Adeona Mackay for over 3 years.

The success of this curriculum has been overwhelming with our children engaging with the materials as they learn a 2nd language.

The way Konnichiwa Kids Clubs deliveries their curriculums to young children is a true reflection of their professionalism, as they are able to offer programs that inspire each child.

Having a 2nd language embedded into our curriculums has also support the needs of our families and offers an indication into our values and beliefs in providing the highest quality early educational experiences for all children.’

Heidi Sinnot: Adeona Mackay Co Director

Thank you Gai Sensei. Annabelle loves your classes.

Kate: Parent

Our kids absolutely love Gai Sensei and they come home singing songs in Japanese on Monday’s after day care. We share the videos you share with us if they finish eating all their dinner (Which is usually a good motivator!) and they sing along and act everything out. We really love the work you do and just wanted to say a big thanks.


Happy new year and thank you so much for making these videos. Xi absolutely enjoyed them and have amazingly retain what she learn from the videos, with no reinforcement effort needed from me. The videos have sparked her interest in learning japanese. She loves sing kore kurai no o bento bako ni, and always asking kore sore are kore wa nan desu ka. She also like to say itadakimasu before she eats. And have asked when the next video is coming. Thank you.


Centre Director Ricky Glasson recommends Konnichiwa Kids Club

Ricky GlassonCentre Manager: Little Scholars
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