2017 Classes Starting Soon!

Sign-up Posters are up in your centre!


I know that you haven’t heard of us! Some of the other extracurriculars are FAB and have been around for a while. You know them. You feel safe! You’re not sure about Japanese for kids that little. We’re pretty new.


Enrol your child today! Support a new, local business! Support World Peace! We want children to receive the best chances to become successful, innovative adults.

You won’t regret it! Your kids will love it!

Konnichiwa Kids Club believe that world peace is possible! We believe in the kids of the world! We believe that growing up with pride in oneself and understanding, appreciation  and admiration for others helps our boys and girls see their places not just in local communities but in a global community that they love and wish to care for! We believe in the power of engaging in culture, in rich experiences in fun and joyfulness! These beliefs underpin all that we do.