About The Program

Imagine Playschool live, interactive and totally in Japanese and you’ve got an idea what Konnichiwa Kids Club sessions are like.

We know children learn best when they are emotionally involved in their learning, and the best emotions of all are JOY & ENJOYING. The Konnichiwa Kids Club program has been designed to be FUN. Our original music enables children to learn sentence structures and vocabulary without even knowing they are doing so, games encourage children to join in and speak, stories invite children to read along, puppets engage the children in questioning and answering.

We believe that learning languages is amazing. Here’s why…

  • Languages Improves Cognitive Development

    Yes, especially when learned young! The best window is until the age of 5 or6. Your child will develop a more flexible and creative mind, be better in their native language and in problem solving. All the things required for a successful life in a fast moving world.

  • World Peace

    We believe that improved understanding of and appreciation for other cultures and better communication skills are what are necessary to promote a more peaceful future world society.

  • Self Confidence

    Learning a second language in children has been linked with higher self confidence, sense of achievement, satisfaction and lower incidence of depression!

  • FUN!!!

    Kids really enjoy learning a language. Enjoying learning, being keen to learn…if instilled young, these skills will ensure your child a lifelong ability to learn, adapt and doso cheerfully! That is what we ALL want, as parents and as educators.

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