How To Enrol

Please note: Our Childcare Centre Program is only running in centre’s where the centre funds the program (ie the centre pays so that ALL children join. At this time we don’t run ‘extracurricular classes’ where the parent pays.)

If you wish the centre that YOUR child attends would run our fun program and have Hanami (cherry blossom parties), language and many other cultural activities please contact us. We are always happy to contact your centre if it’s in a region where we have a fabulous teacher available and invite them to join Konnichiwa Kids Club. It really helps if you mention us to the Admin before we call so they know how much you want our program! Arigato Gozaimasu!

Just send a message to Konnichiwa Kids Club

Learn@Home with Konnichiwa Kids Online!

You don’t have to wait for your childcare centre to sign up to Konnichiwa Kids Club. You can learn at home with the Konnichiwa Kids Online Program, designed for children aged 0-6 but also enjoyed by children in primary school.

YOUR CHILD CAN LEARN WITH FUN VIDEOS straight away from home.

Parents and children love our fun videos and more are being released regularly.

Just follow the link to Konnichiwa Kids Online where you can rent individual or blocks of videos.