Japanese Classes have Resumed for Children in Childcare Centres in Brisbane!!!

Today Konnichiwa Kids Club Japanese Classes for Children resumed in Brisbane and last week in Mackay. Brisbane Japanese classes got stuck straight into a fun cultural event by celebrating Setsubun festival. This festival is celebrated at the start of February in Japan. It marks the end of a long, cold winter and the fresh beginnings with the coming of Spring. An adult dressed as ‘Oni’ (a mythical ogre) is chased out of the room by children who are doing ‘mame maki’. After a chat about safety beans (or sometimes we use pom poms for extra safety) are thrown towards the ‘Oni’ and the chant ‘Oni wa soto, Fooku wa uchi’ is called (Oni go out! Good luck come in!). This represents chasing out all of the unwanted from the previous year and welcoming a fresh, new year! I think you’ll all agree we could do with THAT as we begin 2021. We love creating memorable, cultural experiences in our Japanese Classes for your children!