The Staff

Founder Gai Oyama

Founder Gai Oyama

AKA Gai Sensei

After studying my Bachelor of Education (Primary) and beginning my teacher career I began to travel and whilst travelling all over the world discovered a passion for languages and culture. Every country I visited I learnt at least a few basic phrases to meet, greet, shop and question the people I met. I found that learning some language and speaking with body language opened the doors to amazing experiences... communication, friendship, learning, being welcomed, sharing and mutual respect.

Later, living in Japan I found that the deeper one learnt a second language the more rewarding the experiences. I spent many years working with children and adults in language
classes as well as with children in a bilingual education setting and as a LOTE teacher in state schools. I can tell you first hand that languages can open your eyes and your heart.

There are so many benefits to learning a second language, but for me the BEST reason is the joy it brings. I love helping children enjoy their journey into Japanese language and culture and I really believe that languages are essential for kids growing up in world that is more and more becoming a global community.

Miho Yazawa

Miho Yazawa

AKA Miho Sensei

Konnichiwa (Hello). My name is Miho. I find such joy being with lovely children and I’m always amazed to witness how they absorb language. Let me introduce myself. I was born and brought up in Tokyo, Japan so some of the songs we sing in class remind me of my childhood. I love dancing, gardening and travelling. I started travelling when I was a teenager and this is how I started learning English as a second language apart from at school.

English helped expand my world, inner and outer both and led me not only to travel to more countries and make friends but also to study abroad, to work as a volunteer translator on the ship sailing around the globe, also to work as an NGO worker in a post conflict area like Kosovo/a. About twenty years ago when I was ready, I begun teaching English to mainly kids in Japan. What I like about teaching kids is that there is no or little barrier in them about learning a language. (At the same time I believe ‘never to be too late’ to learn! ) Learning a second language to me is a way to understand another culture, which leads to better understanding your own as well, and how we can communicate with each other.

I believe this promotes respect for others as well as yourself and peace.I am very happy to be able to share my culture and language and give that assistance to the kids here. The world is so colorful and full of joy if your heart is open to it like a child.

Kathleen Campbell

Kathleen Campbell

AKA Kat Sensei

The amazing Kat Sensei is often heard saying ‘I just love it when those kids learn something new’. Kat is teacher of many talents, including being a musician, harpist, guitarist, music teacher and holds a Bachelor of Music.

Konnichiwa Kids Club classes involve a lot of music and singing so imagine having your own professional musician, who also just happens to be fluent in Japanese, at the helm. She is vibrant, bright and enthusiastic and the children just can’t wait to see her every class.

Kazuki Oyama

Kazuki Oyama

Artist & Accounts

Konnichiwa Kids Club own original resources have been created by our personal artist Kazuki, who being both creative and mathematically minded also takes care of the accounts.

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